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Red, White, Rosé… Which Is Your Fovourite? – Wine Bloggers

This time LocalGuiding was curious, which wines are the most mouthwatering in the opinion of passionate wine bloggers. With such a great feedback we are glad to provide you with these … Continue Reading →

Village Walks: A trekking trip to Banjar Valley in India

For a unique experience you don???t have to climb on top of the Himalaya. At the foot of the Himalayan Mountains you???ll find beautiful villages with ancient temples. One of the greenest valleys is Banjar, home of LocalGuiding Guide, book author and … Continue Reading →

Chinas West! A Trip to Kangding and Tagong, Part 1

The saying that China is not a country but a whole continent gets a totally new meaning when you leave the common tourist track and get past Xi???an, the Great Wall and Guilin during your travels. For once, we would advice people to follow a sugge… Continue Reading →